Steven’s Story

From the Occult to Christ.

Steven’s Story.

From the Occult to Christ.

Before I gave my life to Christ I was a medium.
I used to accept spirits into me to talk to others.

I also read tarot cards and used runes to I believed help others solve their problems .

I saw nothing wrong with that way of life I had been doing this since about 10 years old.

I must stress I was not in any way connected with
the Spiritualist organizations and in fact even
before becoming a Christian argued against some
of their beliefs.

My sister and my mother and brother became
Christians ..I hardly talked to my sister for 2 years
because she was a Christian and she was always
telling me about Christ. To be honest thought she
was going daft I just couldn’t see what she was
talking about.

By 1990 I was drinking heavily and on the slippery
slope to alcoholism .

My mother and my brother both kept asking me to
go to church with them but I was homeless and
spent a lot of time sleeping on settees at friend’s
or relatives’ .

One Sunday morning my mother said, “Right, we are
going to church. Do you want tocome it is a baptism?
” I don’t know why but I agreed. I thought that just
to go once would stop them nagging so we arrived
at the church and went in. It was packed and I sat as
near to the back behind as many people as possible.
I figured that I only had to sit there an hour and get
out, but Jesus had other ideas!

I sat there and the pastor came on ..said a few words.
People got up and sang a song. I stayed firmly planted
in my seat. A young lad went onto the stage to give
his testimony, it wasn’t an astounding full of miracles
sort of thing just ordinary. He had been bought up a
Christian and lived, what I would have described as
the easy life.

As he was on stage talking he was ..nervous and sort of walking
…bouncing …on the stage quite excitable ..and I could se a light
behind him. I remember thinking they must have a spotlight
behind him for “effect” and was impressed by the way, no matter
how he moved, the light was behind him he moved to the water
it was obvious there was no spot light. the light was so bright it
put all the audience in shadow. All I could see was this light he
went into the water and the pastor prayed. I got hot and started to
feel sick …I had to get there were many people around me. As the
lad came out the water the audience got up to sing was too
much I was soaked with sweat. I tried to get up and just staggered
my legs wouldn’t work …then I felt a hand on my shoulder, the old
lady next to me said, “Come on I will take you for a coffee.” We
went out into the church’s coffee shop as the service continued.

I sat at a table still physically trembling. The lady introduced
herself as “May”. She was nice and just talked. I found myself
telling her about all the things I had done ..about my life. She
asked if I would like to pray, I said, “yes”. She produced a tract
with a prayer on it. I read it out loud and as I read it the words
changed to “Jesus is Evil”. This didn’t phase her at all, she
just said, “read it again. ” This time I read it correctly. May
asked how I felt ..I said “the same” so she said, “Now pray in
your own words ..just talk to Jesus.” So I did. It started a bit

but as got talking to Jesus I started pouring out my heart. I must have
prayed and asked forgiveness and told Jesus everything I could think

It just came out the end I gave my life to Jesus ..I was crying.

I found out later I had prayed for more than an hour.

Then May touched my shoulder and said “receive the spirit !”.
People speak about “seeing the light!”…I saw the light, I saw
Jesus, not physically, but inside . I felt His power flow through
me, it’s indescribable. So much power and light inside! I felt
like I had been wearing a jumper like great thick mohair, matted,
filthy all covered in crude oil. It was ripped from me and hit and
the wall passing through, screaming as it went. I knew God
had delivered me!Later I was told that God had delivered me
from seven demons. I don’t know, all I know is that God
accepted me that day. If you knew my life you would know
why I thought God could

never accept me …yet he did! There was one more direct
battle with the devil, although I fight a constant fight against
evil in my life.

I was baptized a month after my conversion, it was thought
that water baptism was the best thing to do after my
conversion. The night before my baptism I felt hands grabbing
me in my bed and throw me across the room so hard I hit the
wall on the opposite side of the room. I stayed there and didn’t
move, just prayed and prayed. Nothing else like that happened
again, and I was baptized
the next day.

Praise God for his might and gentleness!


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