About Us

This dedicated blog reflects the life and combined ministries of the First Plumbline Church and First Plumbline Apologetics.

It is our conviction that only as we live our lives in accordance with the Word of God will we be preserved by God as individuals and as churches.

Maintaining sound doctrine is essential in order to prevent us from falling into apostasy.

What we believe:

The 66 books of the Holy Bible, as written in their original form, constitute the inspired Word of God. The scriptures of both old and new testaments are the definitive Word of God on all matters of Doctrine, Morality, Conduct and Spiritual Experiences.

We accept the Genesis account of creation and man’s fall as factual.

We believe that God has provided the means for the redemption, forgiveness and ultimate reconciliation of people through the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Godhead consists of Father, Son and Holy Ghost (Spirit) which are co-equal, co-existent and co-eternal, and yet ONE God.

Jesus Christ was born of a virgin mother in accordance with the scriptures.

Salvation is uniquely and totally dependent upon the substitutionary death of Jesus Christ on the cross. It is freely given as an act of unmerited favour granted to anyone who exercises his or her faith in the Risen Christ. When this occurs the Spirit of God will cause the person to be reborn spiritually and He will adopt them as His Children.

The initial step a person must take in committing their life to God is through the act of Water Baptism, thus signifying that person’s total acceptance of living for God, and a total rejection of their former life of sin. This means that the person has chosen to be a follower of the teachings of Jesus Christ and His Apostles as contained in the New Testament.

Through this blog it is our hope that others will benefit and be edified through testimonies, commentaries and teaching. What is contained here may be challenging to people but in light of the general state of apostasy of many of the churches today truth must be elevated above considerations of the sensitivities of others. There is often no easy (or gentle) way of putting things but for the sake of the Kingdom of God, and the preservation of God’s truth, we must speak the truth.

In Christ – The team.



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