Changes to this site.

Hi everyone,

As you may have been aware there have been no new posts on this site.  As a fellowship of believers we have gone through some soul searching and have come to a decision; to dismiss the First Plumb-Line Church and all relevant sites and ministries.

The work of evangelism will continue as before, however we shall no longer set ourselves up as anything other than part of the Body of Christ and part of His Church.  Thus we will no longer be called by the name First Plumb-Line Church.

What we see in the Bible is that local churches were not called anything other than “church” and gave their location, so that they were the churches in Galatia, the church in Corinth, the church in Rome etc, and not St. This’s or St. That’s.  We are not saying that we are the only true church, God Forbid!  We are a group of followers of Jesus Christ who believes in the essential work of proclaiming the Gospel and, as such, are part of the Confessing Church (the Church of Jesus Christ Confesses that He is Lord and Saviour before all of mankind).

Hence forth we shall simply describe ourselves as a confessing church.  Our structure will remain as it was before, our methodology will remain as it was before the only real difference will be the dropping of the name “First Plumb-Line”.

As such our email address will change in order to reflect this change:

The Apologetics ministry, also, no longer bares the name “First Plumbline”.  It carries on under it’s director, Miguel, however it now goes by a different name: The UK Apologetics Library.  This is what Miguel had always wanted his work to be, a library of articles and resources for churches, and individual believers, where they can search out information.  The new site is more user-friendly and is now Mobile (cellular phone) friendly.

The new site can be viewed by clicking on the following link:

It is our prayer that our readers will sign up with the new blog as this will be the last entry on this blog.

Please check out the new blog by copying and pasting following link in your browser. (For some reason I have been unable to insert a link):

Pray for us as we seek to preach Christ Crucified to the world and to be servants to the Body of Christ!

John Hayworth!


1 Comment

  1. Denise Pickering

    Ok John, thanks for letting us know. Never had the slightest intimation that you were trying to big note yourself, brother. So be at peace, do not feel under condemnation. You have made the necessary changes, that’s good if the prompting was from the Lord. God bless you and your ministry and your loved ones.

    Denise from Queensland, Australia

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