On the street, 15th November 2014

DSCI0475Today the team took the Gospel to two places.  John and Amélia went, in the morning, to Manchester.  Later they joined Miguel in the nearby town of Stockport.

John preached as Amélia distributed.  As they were setting up the speaker a man approached them.  He stated that he was happy to see us there.  He was a believer and was in Manchester in order to distribute gospel tracts.  He had travelled from Wales.  Amélia entered into conversation with him as John began to preach.  He kindly donated a small amount of tracts to the team.

As is customary several people made some very rude comments about John’s preaching as they passed by.  John preached from the Bible, commenting on the scriptures that he had been reading and applied them to the situation today.  He spoke of the fact that the people that were the biggest enemies of Jesus were the religious leaders.  John spoke out against organised religion and related how that Christ denounced the priests of His day.  John related Christ’s denunciation of the Scribes and Pharisees in the 23rd chapter of Matthew relating it to how many of the things He denounced them for can be seen in many of the churches today.

He spoke of how these people get in the way of people and God by their insistence on the need for priests and other intermediaries between them and God.  Christ showed how that we need only Him in order to enter into a relationship with God and that He was the means by which we can know God, personally.

DSCI0473When John and Amélia eventually caught up with Miguel he was already preaching.  John set up the speaker for him and both he and Amélia distributed whilst Miguel preached.

John was approached by an elderly gentleman who asked him about who we were and which church we were from.  John explained that we were part of a small Home Church, but that we were not there to promote “church” because in order to come to the Father people needed to come to Jesus Christ.  He was very happy to listen and shared how that he was also a preacher.  He spoke of how that he was a Jew and that when he came to believe in Jesus his father wouldn’t allow him into the house.  They conversed for quite a while concerning the need for the preaching of the Gospel on the streets.  With so many churches in the area one would think that there would be more Christians coming onto the streets to share the Gospel.  This only goes to prove that Christians have lost faith in the Gospel message.  On the whole Christians no longer believe that the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation, and that the foolishness of preaching is how God has ordained that people should come to salvation.


Amélia spoke with a lady riding a mobility scooter.  This lady was a Christian and she gave Amélia a copy of one of the postcards that the people in her church distribute.  It contains a simple message; that people need Jesus so that they may be saved.

At one point a man, who was obviously drunk, began to heckle Miguel.  He was shouting something to the effect that religion was a big money making scam.  Miguel replied that he agreed with the man but that we cannot blame God, or the Lord Jesus, simply because of what people do in His name.  As is the case with people who are so drunk, it was impossible to hold an intelligent conversation with this man. and he staggered off still ranting.


All the while a man with a bycicle had been listening to Miguel preach and observed what had been happening.  Eventually he began to question Miguel concerning evolution.  Miguel explained how that science was limited to the here and now, whereas God was outside of all this.  He also pointed out that much of science is built upon faith and suppositions, as nobody was there to witness the “Big Bang”, but that scientists believe that this was how the universe began and that life came about as the result of this.

Amélia met a man who knew some of the people that we had known in the past.  Amélia spoke of the reasons why we were no longer involved with them because of the way that they were compromisers with those that teach error.  He said that Amélia was correct about the problem over compromise.

People in Stockport seemed very keen to take the leaflets and booklets.


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