On the streets,17th May 2014.


Miguel preaching and Amélia distributing.

With glorious sunny weather the team took the message of Christ into Manchester.  Both John and Miguel preached.  As usual they were met by varying comments from the vilest forms of blasphemy to comments of “keep up the good work”!  We have learned not to take notice of either because we expect opposition from unbelievers, and we are warned to beware when men speak well of you”!

We shall continue as long as is physically possible to offer the masses the opportunity to hear the message of Salvation. 


We firmly believe that the Holy Spirit will use all that we have preached, distributed and testified for the past ten years for His glory.  God’s Word NEVER returns void!


We are grateful for all the support that people have offered us through prayer and through the supply of free literature over the years.  We have distributed almost 100,000 leaflets, booklets and Bibles.  We have preached to thousands of people.  But who is counting?  We certainly do not do this for any other reason other than to give people the opportunity to hear the message of salvation by faith alone in Christ alone!






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