Popes elevated to Sainthood


Saint John XXIII and Saint John Paul II.

Two new stars were added to the firmament of Roman Catholic saints, both Popes and both having much in common besides the office they both held and the names they both chose.

In 1958 Cardinal Angelo Roncalli became Pope John XXIII replacing Pope Pius XII.  Pope Pius XXII’s papacy was marred by his refusal to bring Hitler to book over the persecution of the Jews and the Nazi Holocaust.  Pope Pius XII will ever be remembered as “Hitler’s Pope.”

John XXIII’s is mostly remembered for his calling the Second Vatican Council in 1962.  He died in 1963 before its completion in 1965.  Vatican 2, as its is generally called, brought about some changes in the way the church operated, notably the ending of the Latin Mass in favour of the Mass in the vernacular of each country, the encouraging of Roman Catholics to read–but not interpret–the Bible and a more conciliatory tone towards those Christians and churches outside of the Catholic Communion.  Such Christians became known as the “Separated Brethren” and Rome sought to encourage its clergy and laity to engage in ecumenical cooperation with the “separated Brethren with the hopes of persuading them to come under its influence.  The goal of this is to see these “Separated Brethren” return home to Rome!

After the untimely and unexpected death of Pope John Paul I after only 33 days in the job the Polish Arch Bishop of Krakow, Cardinal Karol Wojtyła was elected Pope on the 16 October 1978.  Adopting the name John Paul II in homage to his predecessor, he remained as Pope until his death on the 2nd April 2005.  Pope John Paul II’s reign was characterised by his constant travelling, visiting the faithful all over the world.  He is also credited with contributing to the downfall of Communism in his native Poland, as well as Central and Eastern Europe through his support of the populations of these countries to “Peaceful Revolution”.

In his article for the Guardian Newspaper, 4th April 2005 entitled “The First World Leader“, Timothy Garton Ash commented:

No one can prove conclusively that he was a primary cause of the end of communism. However, the major figures on all sides – not just Lech Wałęsa, the Polish Solidarity leader, but also Solidarity’s arch-opponent, General Wojciech Jaruzelski; not just the former American president George Bush Senior but also the former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev – now agree that he was. I would argue the historical case in three steps: without the Polish Pope, no Solidarity revolution in Poland in 1980; without Solidarity, no dramatic change in Soviet policy towards eastern Europe under Gorbachev; without that change, no velvet revolutions in 1989.

This Pope also worked tirelessly to further the cause of ecumenism and interfaith dialogue.  He organised the World Day of Prayer for Peace which was held on the 27th October 1986 in Assissi.  The event attracted  more than 120 representatives of different religions and Christian Denominations, something unprecedented in world history.  John Paul II has been hailed as an example to all Christians by none other than probably the world’s most famous evangelist Dr. Billy Graham who counted John Paul II as a close personal friend.

There is much more that these two former Popes had in common than just their names and work in promoting ecumenical dialogue.

In 1962 Pope John XXIII published an article addressed to all Patriarchs, Archbishops, Bishops, and other Diocesan Ordinaries ‘even of the oriental rite’:

Article 11 reads,

“11. Because, however, what is treated in these cases has to have a greater degree of care and observance so that those same matters be pursued in a most secretive way, and, after they have been defined and given over to execution, they are to be restrained by a perpetual silence (Instruction of the Holy Office, February 20, 1867, n.14), each and everyone pertaining to the tribunal in any way or admitted to knowledge of the matters because of their office, is to observe the strictest ++7++ secret, which is commonly regarded as a secret of the Holy Office, in all matters and with all persons, under the penalty of excommunication latae sententiae , ipso facto and without any declaration (of such a penalty) having been incurred and reserved to the sole person of the Supreme Pontiff, even to the exclusion of the Sacred Penitentiary, are bound to observe (this secrecy) inviolably. Indeed by this law the Ordinaries are bound ipso jure or by the force of their own proper duty. The other helpers from the power of their oath which they {sic} must always take before they undertake their duties. And these, then, are delegated, are interpolated, and are informed in their absence by means of the precept in the letters of delegation, interpellation, (or of) information, imposing upon them with express mention of the secret of the Holy Office and of the aforementioned censure.”

In layman’s terms the article is stating that any member of the clergy who knows of a child having been molested by another member of the clergy must keep silent about it for ever under under the penalty of excommunication latae sententiae.

Article 13 reads:

“13. The oath of keeping the secret must be given in these cases also by the accusers or those denouncing (the priest) and the witnesses. To none of these, however, is there subjection to a censure, unless by chance toward these same persons some censure has been expressly threatened upon by the person himself, for his accusation, his deposition or of his violation (Excussionis?) (of such) by act. The accused, however, should be most seriously warned that even he, with all (the others), especially when he observes the secret with his defender, is under penalty of suspension a divines in case of a transgression to be incurred ipso facto.

Translated: The victims must be made to swear that they will keep silent about the matter.

For a further examination into this article see:


So, basically what we have is John XXIII engaging in the mass cover up of Child sexual abuse within the Catholic Church.  In a similar manner John Paul II reissued this article and charged that all reports concerning accusations of Child Sexual abuse be handled solely by the Prefect of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger.  Cardinal Ratzinger personally oversaw all investigations held into such accusations under the strict rules laid out by John Paul II.  Thus Cardinal Ratzinger became responsible for the silencing of the victims of abuse in order to protect the reputation of the Roman Catholic Church.  Ratzinger also was responsible for the transferring of these paedophile priests to other parishes where the cycle of abuse was perpetuated.

Cardinal Ratzinger became Pope Benedict XVI after the death of John Paul II and carried on the covering up of the abuses until reports emerged across the world of the countless victims and the extensive cover up enacted by the leadership of the Catholic Church at the highest levels.  Eventually Pope Benedict “retired” into personal exile within the walls of the Vatican where he remains to this day in quiet “contemplation and prayer”!  Pope Benedict’s reputation has been ruined; however he could not, and would not, have acted  as he did if it were not for the direct orders he received from Pope John Paul II who, himself, was following the example of his predecessor Pope John XXIII!

Some people would argue that “None of us are perfect,” and that, “We all make mistakes!”  However what we have here is not down to human error, nor a mistake, but a deliberate and continued policy by successive Popes going back to Pope John XXIII.  A deliberate policy of defending Paedophile priests, and covering up of a scandal through intimidation of victims and their families, bribes and other methods that can only be described as nothing short of criminal!

Now the two key players in this criminal conspiracy have been elevated to sainthood.  We can only assume that these two men will become the Patron Saints of Paedophiles and Paedophile Priests!



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