John Chapter 9:28-41 commentary


Jesus heals the man born blind.

They say, “We are Moses’ disciples”. Many times when we are witnessing people say to us, I am a Christian, I go to church, these people reviled (rebuked) the man, they accused him, of being a disciple of Jesus, but as he’d only just met Jesus, how could he have been one of his disciples? So the man begins to chide (tease) them, “This is amazing, you don’t know what Jesus represents! Yet it is plain to see that he had done a Miracle that only a man sent from God can do.” They resent being lectured to by such a person, such a sinner, they were the experts, what did he know. They had Theological degrees, thus he was not qualified to speak, so how dare he lecture them.

Now when this takes place Jesus had gone, so he wasn’t there, but He would have heard what happened to the man because it had caused quite a stir, people talk and gossip. This man would have been well known, because for years he would have been in the same place in the temple begging day after day, now he had been healed, and the Pharisees had lost the plot, and kicked him out of the temple. Jesus seeks him out, like the good shepherd who seeks the one lost sheep. Though the pious (religious) wanted nothing to do with him, the Lord goes amongst the crowds searching for this man, and asks him if he believes on the son of God? The man asks, “Who is he that I might believe on him?” – this is the answer of someone who is ready and willing to believe.

We see how Christ declares to this man, exactly who He is; with the disciples He asked them who they believed He was. With this man he reveals himself outright, the man believes and worships Him, this man had faith. The JW´s do not like this verse because they cannot worship Jesus.

Vs 39. Later on Jesus makes this statement… He declares for what purpose he had come into this world– for judgement! He came to preach a doctrine and a law that would expose and set men apart. He lays bare the hearts of men, the very thoughts and intents of their hearts. When faced with the truth of Christ people either accept and believe or they reject and turn against him. There is no in-between, Jesus said, “You are either for me or you are against me”, anyone who says that they have not yet made up their minds, has in fact made up their mind to reject him!

The other week, a man came to me and said that he had not decided which side of the fence he was on. However with God you cannot sit on a fence, if you are not a believer you are standing outside, locked out. Until you knock, and seek to be let in, you remain on the outside. (Matt 21:28-31).

A Person may confess Christ with their mouth, yet unless they believe from their heart their words are empty. Christ uses the miracle of the blind man as a metaphor, the blind are the unbelieving sinners, who he grants sight when they turn to him, those who are comfortable in religion and place their faith in it, though they count themselves as spiritually sighted, these are rendered blind by virtue of their own conceits (stuck up). The Pharisees were not there to learn from him, but to sit in judgement and find fault. They were wise in their own eyes, they viewed the common people as being blind, ignorant, and lacking in knowledge but were they also blind? Was Jesus now accusing them? There is indignation (offended) in their question, “Are we blind also?” If they were really ignorant there would have been some mitigating (to give an excuse for) circumstance, however these claimed to know the truth, and so their sin was great. They should´ve known better, many who should know better, by compromising with error, not only permit error to continue but also act as apologists (defenders) for error. It is not enough to simply disagree with perceived error we must oppose it, or else we are merely turning a blind eye to sin.

 These Pharisees could´ve repented and turned to Christ for forgiveness but they would not, and so remained in their sin. To reject the Gospel of Grace is to remain in sin, in other words remain unforgiven.
(Proverbs 26:12)


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