On the street, 29th March 2014


John Preaching

Today John and Amélia delivered the message of the Gospel to Manchester.  Miguel was in London to preach near 10 Downing Street, the official residence of the Prime Minister, to remind him of God’s Word concerning the true definition of marriage.  Today the law entered into vigour that permits people of the same gender to marry one another in England and Wales.  John also spoke out on the issue as he preached from the Bible.  He preached loud and clear concerning the basic nature of man, the folly of organised religion (addressing the issue of the Church of England as an arm of the State), the Vatican as a political state, and the example of those churches and denominations that espouse “Dominionist Theology” as being contrary to Christ’s message of His kingdom not being of this world.

Just behind John, a few meters away, a group of Socialists set up a table to speak out against certain government policies.  John took the opportunity to address the folly of Revolution as a means to effect social change for the better citing examples of the major socialist and communist revolutions in the 20th century.

John gave a very hard hitting message during which many people came over to Amélia to request leaflets from her.

A lady spoke with Amélia saying that the Health Services and the Police had sought to have her sectioned under the Mental Health Act so she cried out to God for help.  According to this lady God heard her prayer and she was allowed to stay out of a Mental Health Unit.

Another gentleman, a Muslim, began to become quite animated with her over the story of Adam and Eve, which John was speaking about at the time.  The Qu’ran contradicts the Bible at every level as Muhammed dictated its message to the scribes who wrote down his words.  Muhammed himself was illiterate so it is obvious that, after coming into contact with Jews and Christians who recounted the stories contained in the Bible, he would either forget certain of the details or deliberately change the story in order to undermine the Bible narrative.  Revisionists, such as Muhammed, seek to have people accept their authority over that of the Bible.  This is why Muslims always argue that the Bible has been corrupted and its narrative changed over time, and that Muhammed restored the message of the prophets that Allah had sent before including Jesus.

John preached how that God did not send Jesus into the world to establish a religion called Christianity.  Christ was sent to deal with the problem of man’s sinful heart by reconciling mankind to God (and God to mankind) through the death of His Son.

Quoting Psalm 2 John spoke about how Kings and governments have sought to break the influence of the Bible from their laws.  The Same Sex Marriage Law was yet another instance of this, but God would have His way with these people on the Day of Judgement when every single person would be judged, and that no-one would escape His judgement.  John spoke concerning the mercy of God and that if God could forgive him then He can forgive anybody.  Nobody was so bad that they could not be forgiven and nobody was that good that they didn’t need forgiving!


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