On The Street, 21st December 2013


John distributes as Miguel is preaching.

And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake. (Luke 21:17)

The words of Christ were brought home to us today.  As John was preaching a couple of devil worshipers we have often encountered challenged him as he spoke about everyone’s need for forgiveness.  They denied they needed forgiveness to which John responded how that we must forgive one another.  He then spoke of Gods command that we love one another to which the man replied as they walked on, “I hate you!”  When we preach we use portable speakers and John responded to the man’s comment, “You hate me?  But I love you sir!”  This caused a number of people to stop and listen as well as request the leaflets Amélia and Miguel were handing out.

After John had finished preaching the team changed location where Miguel preached.  Nearby a group of drummers were playing African rhythms as a man and a woman danced and gyrated in time to the beat.  As Miguel was preaching one of the drummers approached Miguel and asked him to move.  As a general rule we will not give in to such requests and, as we were far enough away from this group so as not to interfere with what they were doing, we stood our ground.  Later on a young man approached us from a nearby Hotdog concession angrily demanding that we move.  He claimed that he could not hear his customers because of Miguel’s preaching, however we knew that this was not the case as the noise of the incessant drumming was far louder than Miguel–and much more annoying!  We had encountered opposition from this same young man before, he simply does not want to hear the Gospel.  John calmly suggested that he calmed down and ceased using foul language.  We were not preventing people from buying his hotdogs, nor were we impeding him from doing business.

A man commented, “From one Christian to another” that we should listen to what the man was saying and that the “Christian thing to do” would be to comply!  Amélia challenged him if, as a Christian, he ever witnessed to the Gospel?  He replied, “No”!  Later on another man walked by stating that he was a Christian and the he found what Miguel was doing was “disgusting”!  John challenged him by asking him if he found the Gospel to be disgusting?  “No,” was his reply, but that what we were doing was unchristian!  John then challenged him by stating that there must be something wrong with his “Christianity”!

Manchester is a very cosmopolitan city that attracts both students and tourists, as well as immigrants, from many different countries.  Today would be the busiest Saturday for trade in Manchester as people would flock into the city centre in order to do their Christmas Shopping, being the final Saturday before Christmas Day.  An Indian family stopped to speak with Amélia.  They were Christians and were in agreement with virtually everything that she was sharing as to the state of the churches in this country.  Afterwards a young woman and her mother stopped to speak with Miguel.  They were Mormons.  Miguel challenged them on the Mormon version of the Gospel.  John stated that in their religion there is more than one God.  The mother denied this but John responded that Joseph Smith taught this.  She tried to make out that John was incorrect however he pointed out to her than on the official Mormon website Joseph Smith is quoted as saying:
God Himself was once as we are now, and is an exalted man, and sits enthroned in yonder heavens! 

She then stated that this was correct.  This is proof that Mormons will lie by appearing to believe the Gospel as we do, but really they cannot as they hold questionable beliefs concerning the very person and nature of God!  No Mormon can believe the doctrines of Mormonism and, at the same time, believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ as proclaimed in the Bible, for to do so they would have to reject and deny Joseph Smith as a prophet of God!  They would also have to reject and deny the Book of Mormon as well as the two other books their faith is bound to (The Doctrines & Covenants and The Pearl Of Great Price).  They became quite angry and walked away!


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