On The Street, 14th December 2013


Miguel witnesses to an older gentleman on Market Street.

Today John, Amélia and Miguel took the Gospel to the crowds of people in Manchester.

As we approach yet another Christmas the streets of the city centre are even busier than usual as many people come into town from outside the city  to visit the many shops and retail outlets.  This is an ideal time to bring the Gospel of Jesus to the city centre as many more people receive an opportunity to hear the message of salvation.  As Miguel was preaching the manageress of a large clothing store came out to request that we move because she didn’t like the sound of his preaching entering her store.  As we were not blocking the entrance to her store and were standing several yards from the entrance we declined her request.  She then threatened to call the police at which point Miguel stated that it would be a good idea and that she should.  Eventually a Community Police Officer arrived and spoke with the store lady and the store security guard.

The CPO approached John and explained that there had been a complaint but that she had to explain to the store manageress that as we were on public land we had every right to be there doing what we did.  As far as she was concerned we were not preventing people from entering  the store.  John explained that we wouldn’t normally be at that particular location but for the fact that so many street entertainers were along Market Street with loud PA systems.  As they were speaking a couple of young men were singing further up the street and the CPO commented that they were actually louder than Miguel!  John mentioned what happened last time an attempt was made to remove Miguel from Market Street when two Police Constables actually manhandled Miguel and arrested him.  This resulted in an inquiry which found the two constables had acted in an unlawful manner and compensation was paid out to Miguel.

This CPO apparently knew of the case so we are pretty sure that the incident has been used by the Police Authority in their training of officers.  We generally have good rapport with the local police.

As Miguel continued preaching Amélia was approached by a young boy who asked if we were Christians.  He stated that he was and Amélia engaged him in conversation.  Later she introduced him to John who spoke with him about the background to Christmas and Easter as being feast days imposed upon the churches by the Roman Catholic Church.  John pointed out that the Bible actually shows us what time of the year Jesus was born and, as we know, Jesus died at Passover which has nothing to do with the feast of Easter a feast to the Fertility goddess Oestra.  In 2016 Passover will fall four weeks after Easter so this shows that Passover and Easter are NOT the same.  He was very interested.  He said that he had been a believer for 11 months, however he seemed be have knowledge of the Bible far in advance of the average 11 month old believer, added to this he was only 15 years old!

It was quite a change to find people actually coming forward to request tracts, including several Muslims.

As John was preaching a man dressed up as Father Christmas, and a lady dressed as one of his helpers, sat down nearby inviting children to come along and meet Father Christmas.  For £2.00 the child could sit on his lap and they would be given a gift out of his sack.  One thing we are very concerned about is the fact that at this time of year parents feel that it is OK to feed their children the lie that is Father Christmas.  Amélia and Miguel challenged them about this, apparently this was their business so they felt that it was OK to exploit parents and children in order to profit.  Needless to say they did not take too kindly to having their scheme challenged.  Soon after this the same CPO that had approached John before now approached Amélia who told her that we should not tell lies as all liars end up in Hell. This couple had reported  the team for telling children that there was no Father Christmas!  Several years ago John had been arrested for denouncing Father Christmas as a lie.  Parents want to teach their children to believe in Father Christmas but they don’t want them believing in the Son of God.  The CPO stated that children don’t understand and would get upset if we tell them that there is no Father Christmas, to which Amélia replied that the reason children don’t understand is because the don’t speak the truth to their  children.

Later on the same couple came back and began to challenge the team.  Miguel and John were engaging with four young men.  The lady accused the team of brainwashing people into believing in a God who did not exist!  Seems a bit rich coming from someone who is trying to profit from the fact that parents (and society at large) brainwash their kids into believing the lie of Father Christmas!  This lady was blaming God for the death of one of her loved ones, which is why she believed that He did not exist.  The question is, “If God doesn’t exist, then how can she be angry at Him?”

Death is a fact of life.  In fact if anyone has justification for anger it is God.  It is because of that lady’s sins, and everyone else’s, look at what our sins did to Jesus!.  But people are so filled with their own selfish wants that they simply have not the time for Him, nor are they thankful!

In the time when God’s wrath is poured out upon the world rather than bow their knee to Him and seek His forgiveness men will blame Him and Blaspheme His name:

And men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of God, which hath power over these plagues: and they repented not to give him glory…..And blasphemed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, and repented not of their deeds.
(Revelation 16:9 & 11)


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