A Prayer Request


We would ask our readers to pray for a little 3-year-old Girl and her mother. The little girl is called Teagan (I believe this to be the spelling).

Amélia and I were travelling on a bus with our granddaughter. As is her habit our granddaughter struck up a conversation with a lady who was sitting next to her along with her daughter who was seated in her buggy.


The lady told us that her daughter’s name was Teagan, and that she was three years of age. Amélia asked her what her name was but the little girl did not speak. The mother explained that her husband, and the girl’s father, had died three months before.

Apparently Teagan had witnessed his collapse, due to a heart attack.


The lady proceeded to explain that the paramedics had taken 40 minutes to arrive and by the time they had arrived it was too late. Ever since then Teagan has regressed.


We had a small amount of time with this lady, however our God is not limited by our lack.

It is our prayer that Teagan receives the comfort that only Christ can give. That this grieving widow be led to turn to the only one who can truly help, and that God places people in her path that He can use to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.


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