On the streets, 6th July 2013


Amélia distributing

Today John, Amélia and Miguel took the message of Salvation to the streets.

As Miguel preached John & Amélia handed out leaflets.  Several passers-by hurled abuse at Miguel, yet others eagerly took the leaflets.

Today there was a convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses at the MEN Arena, so there were a number of JW’s that passed by who were able to hear the preaching of salvation in the name that is higher than any other name, and could see the leaflets being handed out.  Sadly none of them were brave enough to engage with any of the team or take leaflets.

A couple of young boys spoke with Amélia.  She spoke firmly with them about their need for salvation which only Jesus Christ can offer.

After the team moved location due to the noise levels from various street entertainers.  At Picadilly Gardens Miguel read out the statement he had read outside Parliament concerning the debate over the redefinition of Marriage Bill, and why Bible-Believing Christians cannot accept such a fundamental change in civil law.  He was observed by a couple of Police Officers but he was able to continue unchallenged, except for several people who shouted abuse. Other people took leaflets.

Afterwards John preached.  John spoke out against organised Christianity and gave a short history lesson in Church History explaining how, in the Roman Empire, Christianity became Romanised and this Romanisation of  Christianity led to the corruption of the church of Rome and the imposition of Ecclesiastical Authority under the Bishop of Rome, who would assume a role that undermined the position of Jesus Christ in the churches, a redefining of the Gospel message, a redefining of Biblical terms and the persecution of any (and all) who would challenge the Institution of Rome and its Bishop.

John denounced the notion of Saints as taught by Rome declaring that a “Saint” is simply someone who lives their life for Jesus Christ, an ordinary believer, rather than someone who is pronounced such after they are dead by a council of the Pope and the Curia of the church!  He denounced the Canonisation of Pope John Paul II because of John Paul’s covering up of the Paedophile Priest scandals which, as John put it, would impede his being declared a “Saint” as this was nothing less that a criminal activity by the late Pope!

John declared that salvation is solely on  the basis of a person believing in the resurrection of Jesus Christ and their confessing Him as Lord!  Salvation is by Grace through Faith in Jesus Christ alone and not by Grace received via any sacraments!  Christ wants us to be converted and become like children, NOT converted to become Christians!  For children simply believe whatever we tell them and, in the same way, we ought to believe what the Bible says about the Lord Jesus.

As he was preaching John was approached by two Police Officers who were responding to a complaint that John was preaching “Hatred” and making “racist comments”!  John was surprised and asked exactly what he had said that was racist”?  Also Miguel suggested that, as he had been preaching also it may have been on account of what he had been preaching.  One of the officers communicated with the control via his radio set to ask if the complainant has stated exactly what had been said and the description of the person who had allegedly made the remarks?  No details of what had been said were reported however the description given meant that it was definitely John who had been accused!

Whilst engaging with the Police Amélia had been in conversation with an African lady who was shocked that someone had accused John of such a thing as she had listened to his preaching.  The police were very civil and left enabling John to conclude.

Then an angry lady approached accusing the team of making up their “religion”.  Of preaching hatred and being “Racist”!  She identified herself as a “Catholic” and how she read the Bible.  Miguel challenged her to explain the Gospel from the Bible.  She could not!  She became even more irate and left muttering angrily at the preaching of the Gospel!

Being approached by the Police drew a small crowd of onlookers, such incidents do attract attention.  How we deal with persecution is the biggest testimony to the truth of God’s Word, greater than all the sermons preached and greater than all signs and wonders put together!


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