On the streets, 30th June 2013


John seen preaching in Piccadilly Gardens

Today John and Amelia took the message of Jesus Christ to the streets.  Being a nice day, weather-wise, Market Street had a number of street entertainers so they had to find a place where they could be heard over the amplification.

John preached concerning Jesus being the ONLY way to God and how religion was a vain thing in order to get us to Him.  He used the analogy of the High Jump competition in the Olympics (which was still fresh in people’s conscience after being held only last year in London).  It doesn’t matter how good you are at the high jump if you don’t clear the bar you are thrown out of the competition.  Even if you miss by just a tiny bit you will still be thrown out of the competition.  So it is with Salvation, it doesn’t matter how good you may be, or how many of the Commandments you keep you will still be thrown out on the day of Judgement.

John spoke out against the idea that converting to Christianity would save a person, It is NOT Christianity that saves it is Jesus Christ Himself that saves.  He is the door through which you must enter God’s house.  Try and get in through any other way and you are simply attempting to break in and enter, which is what burglars and thieves do.

If we do not come to the door and knock requesting to be let in we will remain on the outside, locked out.

As John preached a number of people listened and quite a few approached Amelia asking for leaflets.  When John spoke against all forms of religion being the way to God a lady asked Amelia, “What religion are you?”  She went on to add, “I’m a Catholic,” to which Amelia replied, “That’s a religion.”

As John was continuing a group of drummers placed themselves just a few feet away from John and began to drum loudly.  As usual Street Entertainers (or buskers, as we call them in UK) have the idea that they have more rights to perform that street preachers, somehow they feel what they are doing is of more importance, we are just Street Preachers and, therefore, they can interrupt the preaching and drown it out with their music!

John and Amelia had no other option than to move to somewhere else.  The whole length of Market Street was, by then, awash with buskers making it impossible for John to compete with the volume.

In St. Anne’s Square there were no buskers so John began preaching there.  In the square there are cafes where people were sitting at tables outside, also there is seating so that John had a captive audience.  A group of young boys rode their bicycles around John and began heckling.  They then approached Amelia and began asking her questions about what she and John were doing.  John had, by then, ended his preaching and John engaged with them.  They didn’t stay long.

John and Amelia began walking distributing the leaflets.  Further up Market Street John was approached by a tall Nigerian gentleman who began asking him questions about who they were and what they believed.  John had quite a lengthy conversation with him.  It turns out that this man was a believer but that he wasn’t involved with any church at the moment because of the apostasy that is rife throughout the UK churches.  He was encouraged after talking with John and took our contact details stating that he would keep in touch.

As we have stated in the past we expect to meet more people like this man as people come out of the whorish religion that is the emergent Christianity so many are embracing today.


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