Mea maxima culpa – Silence in the Church – Documentary DVD



Cover-up and suppression of child abuse by the Roman Catholic Church




Transcript from DVD

The transcript makes reference to Cardinal Josef Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI):-

“For twenty five years he had led the Vatican Office Familia dealing with the most severe cases of sex abuses

by priests – Congregatio Pro Doctrina Fidei (Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith).

The CDF has a dark history, when it was founded in the 16th century it was known as the Inquisition.

Ratzinger took that job over when he was Archbishop of Munich and Friesing and he was promoted by John Paul II to the CDF ………. what happened in 2001; Ratzinger put out the teaching, promoted by John Paul II, that said ‘every sex abuse case that involves a minor, they all come to my desk’.

From 2001 forward, every single Priest sex abuse case went to Ratzinger.

Cardinal Ratzinger (now his Holiness Benedict XVI) is the most knowledgeble person in the world regarding Priestly sex abuse of minors because he has all the data.

Inside the cloistered walls of the Vatican lie voluminous records of worldwide sexual abuse in the Priesthood. Centralised in the secret archives of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Marco Politi – Vatican Correspondent “Il Fatto Quotidiano”

“It is the centuries old history of the Catholic Church. We have documents from Councils in Spain in the 4th century after Christ in which there is written something about sex abuse with children, so it is 1700 years that the Church is dealing is dealing about this.

This is the guilt of the Vatican, they could already understand how deep the scandal was and this scandal was not just an American scandal and that a paedophile is not a sinner but a criminal.

He’s a criminal who plans his activity, who is very attentive to organising his situations in which he can abuse children”.

Transcribed from DVD




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