Mark chapter 12

Here Christ teaches a parable.  This is a picture of Israel, God´s people.   The husbandmen are the shepherds of the flock, the pastors and spiritual overseers.  The servants are the Prophets. 
PSALM 118:22
They are angry at His teaching but were afraid of what the people might do to them if they laid a hand on Him.  This is what offended the religious leaders, His teaching.  They would have been happy with His miracles, even overlooked His Sabbath healings, however they despised His teaching. (John 10:31-40)

Pharisees represented the religious interests and hated the Herodians whose main concern was the political interests of the nation.  The Pharisees saw the Herodiand as compromisers because of their support for the Roman Imperialist occupiers of the land.

Those these two groups had mutual hatred and mistrust for each other their hatred for Jesus was far greater!

They came with flattery, but only  out to trip Him up.

If Christ supported paying of tax the Pharisess could accuse Him of supporting the Romans.  If He was against paying tax the Herodians could accuse Him of undermining the Roman Authority.

They feigned wanting to know but Jesus could see right through their hypocrisy.

They were amazed by His wisdom

The Sadducees had contrived this question to poke fun at His doctrine.  These were deists that denied the resurrection–much like the humanists and secularists of today.

They did not know the meaning of the scriptures nor the power of God, even though they were well versed in the scriptures.  God is able to raise the dead. (Ephesians 1:19-20)

This scribe had an honest question–not like most.  He was obviously impressed by Christ´s answers.  He wasn’t asking in which order the Commandments were written down, but the order of importance.  Christ not only answers him but also goes on to add more.  The 10 Commandments can be summarized as two principles that should govern our thinking and actions.

He commends Christ stating that Christ spoke truly.

Christ, in turn, commends him because he had answered wisely.  he was close to the Kingdom, he understood much he just needed the necessary understanding of who Jesus was and what He was about!

The Lord ties these people in knots and they embarrassed themselves before the people, (1 Corinthians 1:18-25).  They were afraid to ask any more!

Christ then exposes the scribes´s own lack of understanding (Luke 1:32 & Psalm 110:1)  Here He shows that Messiah HAD to be the Son of God.  The religious leaders were unwilling to hear but not the common people.

Beware of religious leaders who only seek to impose their authority on people, who are greedy for power and wealth at people´s expense (especially the poor).  All this is a show and a pretense. (2 Timothy 3:1-9)  They make sure everyone notices them.

God sees things very differently from men.  God sees THROUGH everything, every action, every word–He looks at what is at the heart of a matter.
(Acts 10:1-2).
Christ points out the difference in attitude–they gave out of their abundance and not like the poor widow. (2 Samuel 24:24)
God is not impressed by the size of a gift but at why, and how, it was offered.
Christs points her out as an example to be followed.  Her two mites were of greater value that the 2000 shekels of the wealthy. (2 Corinthians 8:2)

1Kings 17:11-24 ; John 6:9 & 2 Corinthians 9:7)



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