Outreach, 25th May 2013

preach the word

Today John, Amelia and Miguel took to the street with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

As Miguel preached John and Amelia distributed leaflets and spoke with those who stopped to ask questions.

Miguel was interrupted by one older man who believed that God was in everyone, that we shouldn’t bother with the Bible and that he listened to God every day.  Miguel spoke to him concerning his need for repentance to which he began to utter profanities and left.

Amelia called John over to speak with a man who was voicing objections as to the way we were doing things.  John gently reminded him that from the Apostles right throughout the history of the faith faithful men, and sometimes women, of God preached the word in public.  After a short exchange he began to soften towards what the team were doing.  Amelia offered him a copy of Miguel’s book on cd-rom “Hope ’08– A Hidden Agenda.”  He was very grateful, and surprised that we would offer it free of charge!

Amelia has been doing sterling work in distributing free copies of this book to those people that identified themselves as being Bible-believers.  We have now run out of copies however both Miguel’s books, “Hope ’08–A Hidden Agenda” and “The Deception of Love Evangelism” can be downloaded free of charge from the publishers at:



After the team moved to a different location where John preached and Miguel and Amelia distributed leaflets.  Nearby another group had set up big P.A. equipment and began to perform their usual medley of extremely loud contemporary “Christian” rock music inviting people to come to Jesus in order to experience “a change of life.”

The previous day this same group had demanded that a street evangelist friend of ours move from the area and throw away his King James Bible as it was “no use” and that he “should replace it with a more modern version!”

Such is the nature of Apostasy in the UK that churches and groups are unashamedly challenging others whose methods do not meet with their approval.  For these the Gospel is not about Redemption, Repentance and Atonement for sin; it is now simply about Jesus becoming the cherry on the top of the cake of life!  Rather than being separate from and not being conformed to this world young people are being encouraged to engage in worldly pursuits and being conformed with youth culture.

They justify their actions and methods as, “becoming all things to all men.”  In reality they are simply being one thing to one section of society.  This is no different to the methods of various cult groups that were around in the 1970’s, one of which John and Amelia were themselves once a part of!


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