On the streets 27th April 2013


Today John, Amélia and Miguel took the message of salvation onto the streets of Manchester.

Today was very interesting with bouts of sunshine and rain.  The team had to shelter under the Food Court for some time then, as the sun came out, they moved over to Piccadilly Gardens.

More people seemed to take the leaflets this week compared to previous weeks.  John preached from Isaiah chapter 53 pointing out how this prophecy was written nearly 800 years before Christ fulfilled its words.  He explained how that Christ came and took upon himself all our sins and iniquities and that through accepting what he had done for us can we be reconciled to the Father.  Close by was a group of Islamic Missionaries intent on proselytising people into accepting Islam as the truth.  John boldly declared that it was the Son of God that came to redeem us, and that without His suffering and death no amount of religion could gain us entrance into the Kingdom of God.

John was approached by a Czech man who spoke about his belief in a man called Curry Blake.  John was quick to point out that we should not put our faith and trust in men.  John later did some research into Curry  Blake as he had never heard of this man before.  Curry Blake promotes the ministries of some of the worst false teachers and false prophets of the 20th century, people like Kenneth Hagin, Morris Cerullo and Paul Cain.


Amélia spoke with several people; a lady who described herself as as Buddhist, a man who is employed by the City Council to direct people around the city centre and a Philipino man who follows the teachings of another false teacher by the name of  Eli Soriano.  Eli Soriano denies that Jesus is Almighty, that Salvation is only by faith in Jesus Christ, that Jesus came 2,000 years ago only to save Israel; but the faithful today will be saved at The Second Coming, amongst other heresies.

Our hearts go out to these people because all this indicates to us that we are truly living in the Last Days.  For the first things Jesus said to His disciples when asked what would be the sign of His coming and the establishment of the Kingdom upon the Earth He replied;

Take heed that no man deceive you.  For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many. (Matthew 24:4-5)

The rise of so many false prophets and deceivers is a sure sign that we are in the last days and that Christ’s coming is at hand.



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