On the Streets 13th April 2013


Today John, Miguel & Amélia took the Gospel into Manchester.

Manchester was again hosting the annual QED conference (an annual conference held over three days organised by the National Skeptics Organisation).  This year’s conference features the renowned skeptic Professor Richard Dawkins who authored the best selling book “The God Delusion.”

Ever true to their convictions the team, including friends from other churches, rallied at the entrance to the hotel where the conference was taking place in order to hand out leaflets, dvds and a glossy magazine to proclaim the glory of God’s creation and promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost souls who either attended the conference or were speakers.

Some of the people who were there eagerly accepted what was on offer, others flatly refused and a few were even more hostile looking down their noses at the team because none of them were “scientists”!  Miguel and Vinnie were able, on separate occasions, to even engage with Professor Dawkins who seemed a little upset with the fact that the team was there, and offering the type of literature they had.

During the Lunch break a number of the participants entered into conversation with the team.  Some to debate, others to enter into conversation.  Needless to say the Gospel was brought to these needy souls.


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  1. Marek

    Many thanks to Sylvia Baker for the Bone of Contention books, and Don & Dave at the sound doctrine DVD ministry for all the DVDs they provided. We trust that the Lord will use these distributed materials for His glory. May God bless you all.

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