This week Miguel and John brought the Gospel into Manchester.  Miguel and John walked down Market Street through the busy crowds of people seeking for a place to preach at.  Market Street was especially busy with its usual assortgment of vendors, buskers and left-wing political groups all vying for attention.

From the man who stands frozen in time as if battling against the elements, his coat apparently blown back by the wind and his hair swept backwards – the white faced statue person enticing children to receive a free lollypop (for a small donation, of course) – to the singers with their amplification, it is difficult sometimes to find a place where our intrepid team can preach and be heard over the volume.  Nevertheless they finally found a relatively quiet spot.

In the past they had been interrupted by one busker in particular who had the habit of placing himself (and his equipment) right next to the team thus drowning out the preaching.  Today he was on Market Street but with a much smaller set of speakers.  Soon after setting up John observed him wheeling his equipment away–presumably it hadn’t been working very well.

As Miguel preached John distributed.  This week John noticed that more people were taking the leaflets than the previous week, perhaps this was down to the warmer weather and the sun?  Sometimes people seem more open to receive than at other times.

Miguel was approached by two Mormon missionaries who began to attempt to proselytise him however Miguel was having nothing of this.  He spoke with them about their doctrines and about the dubious nature of the Book of Mormon, how there is absolutely no scientific evidence to back up the claims made by the Book of Mormon.  The DNA record shows that there were no large Hebrew populations in the Americas until after the Spanish landed there in the 15th century contrary to the Book of Mormon.  Archeological evidence is also lacking whereas both the DNA record , Archeological evidences AND contemporary written accounts DO back up the Biblical accounts.  In fact more evidences are being found all the time to confirm the Bible’s account of history!

John was approached by a young Muslim.  He told John that he was from Qatar (one of the Emirates).  This young man was very affable and asked the basic questions that most Muslims bring–“How can Jesus be God?”  “Which Bible do you use?” “Hasn’t your Bible been changed?” etc.  John took time to show him the scriptures and explain to him why it is reliable.  Miguel came over as another set of buskers had set up nearby and was drowning him out.  Miguel pointed out how scrupulous the Jews are over matters of their religion and the copying of the Biblical text so that their books of scripture cannot have been tampered with, and that the New Testament manuscript used to translate the earliest English language Bibles still exist today.  Any real differences with those early translations is purely down to the translator’s preference of words rather than any serious alteration of the text–which cannot be said of a number of modern translations.

He took our literature and thanked us for our input.

John and Miguel then moved to Picadilly gardens where John reached and Miguel distributed.  As John was preaching one person went past  very close and screamed some vile abuse at him which drew a lot of attention.  John gently responded, “I love you too?” and proceeded to use this to ask why is it that people get angry considering we are not selling anything, not soliciting money simply preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ?

John observed a man who was filming him as he preached.  Later the man approached Miguel and was still engaged with Miguel when John completed his preaching.  The man said that he was filming in order to learn about Street Preaching as he was a believer and felt convicted about the need to spread the Gospel.  John and Miguel explained that it doesn’t take much knowledge, just a knowledge of the Gospel, a desire to share the Good News and to simply step out in faith and God will do the rest.  At first it may seem daunting and we may feel a bit scared or even overwhelmed by a sense of inadequacy, however, Jesus took what little the disciples had and multiplied it to feed thousands.

Every believer is called to participate in the propagation of the Gospel.  This does not always mean being a Street Preacher, a number of people engage in one-to-one personal witnessing, others distribute leaflets and tracts, it really doesn’t matter  as long as the believer is participating in the Great Commission.

This commission is for the believers to “GO YE INTO ALL THE WORLD and preach the Gospel to every creature!”  it is NOT, “Get all the world to come to ye in order to preach the Gospel to them!” as seems the norm these days.


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