Benedict XVI

After 8 years Pope Benedict XVI has decided to throw in the towel.  Christian leaders from around the world are lauding this Pope for his work.

We, however, do not join with the chorus of apostates who praise this man who, by the nature of his many titles, is considered to be the one who is “in place of Christ” (Vicar of Christ), the “Supreme Pontiff” (Pontificus Maximus) between Heaven and Earth and “heir to the seat of St. Peter” in apostolic succession.

Many so-called Evangelical leaders here in UK consider him as “a brother in Christ”.  Upon what basis we do not know as he presides over a church that practices idolatry by erecting statues of Christ and its saints (bowing before them and serving them in violation of the Ten Commandments and the instructions of the Apostles of Christ), ritual cannibalism (every time the Eucharist is presented and the host is eaten), necromancy (the invocation of and praying to the dead saints), it’s false gospel of “salvation by grace through the sacraments” (in opposition to the New Testament Gospel of salvation by Grace through Faith without works).

Since the days of Pope John XXIII every Pope has participated in the cover up of Child sexual abuse, and the sheltering of those priests that have abused the innocents, in order to protect the reputation of the Church of Rome until the scandal finally hit the headlines around the world.

Millions of pounds in compensation have been paid out to victims rendering some diocese bankrupt, the image of the church tarnished and the name of Christ to be blasphemed.  Yet, in spite of this, it has remained business as usual for the Church of Rome (RCC) as its leaders hope that eventually the furor will die down.  Unfortunately for the Vatican more cases seem to come to light every few months around the world.

Yet the RCC’s devoted followers continue to place their faith, and what is much worse their souls, in the hands of a church that has no Gospel to offer them, just a vague hope that there is the possibility of a place in heaven if they remain faithful Roman Catholics.

We say, “Goodbye and good riddance to Pope Benedict XVI!”

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.  (Matthew 7:15)


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