We are often criticized for preaching to the passersby.  Critics tell us that we should engage personally with people, show more love and not warn people to Flee from the wrath to come, or save yourselves from this untoward generation.

The thing is that these critics, who are mainly from the neo-evangelical camp, do not see everything that we do.  We do engage with people, we do give help to those who are needy by the way of clothing, food and comfort.  Even so we will not compromise the message of the Gospel because it may upset some or offend.  We do not practice “Love Evangelism” which we see as being like diving into the sea to comfort and love a person as they drown!  We can end up loving them into Hell!  We do not believe in letting those that believe they are, Christians and do not know Christ, harbour the delusion that because they name the name of Christ they are Children of God.  So many have come to accept Mormons as brethren in Christ!

We do not know if we have the luxury of having enough time to spend with individuals who pass by, Death can come at any time for any of us–including the people who pass by.  Thus we preach and pass out Gospel literature so that as many people as possible can have the opportunity to hear the Gospel.  The conversion of people we leave in the hands of the Holy Spirit for it is He that will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment:
(John 16:8)

Today our intrepid team took the message of the Gospel into Manchester.  As John was preaching a devout Catholic lady began to speak against him.  John had been assaulted by her in the past, and today she took a swing at Miguel with her handbag!  We declare that there is only ONE person through whom we can come to the Father–Jesus Christ the Son of God.  Thus we have no need for priests, Our Ladies, nor the mediation of Saints!  Of course this always angers the devout Catholics as the Catholic Church insists that we cannot come directly before God without the mediastion of Saints and (especially) the “Blessed Virgin” (as they call her)!

Whilst Miguel preached a small team of Communists stood by handing out their leaflets.  Miguel began to address the falacy of Marxism, and the crimes of the 20th Century’s biggest mass murderers (Who were all Marxists of one sort or another).  In truth the only hope for man is Jesus Christ, NOT Christianity (a religion) but CHRIST Himself!


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