Today John & Miguel took the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the masses in Manchester.

Miguel preached on the futility of religion as a means of salvation and reconciliation with God.

A man approached John and stated that he was an “ordained” minister of God.  He offer John one of his tracts which John immediately recognised as being by the Latter Day Saints Cult of Mormonism.  John spoke to him at length concerning certain aspects of Mormonism that just don’t ring true.  He spoke of the DNA record and how it disproves the Book of Mormon’s account of the americas being inhabited by Ancient Hebrews.  The DNA records shows that there were no records of a large population of Hebrews in the Americas until after the Spanish landed in 1492.  John suggested he watch the documentary DNA vs The Book of Mormon :

John also spoke of the Mountain Meadows Massacre on Sept. 11th, 1857 when about 120 men, women and children were massacred by Mormon militias as their Wagon Train was travelling from Arkansas to California via Utah (which was governed by Mormon leader Brigham Young.

John also spoke of the occult symbols displayed in one of the Mormon Temples:

The man said that he didn’t know about any of this as noone had spoken about these things. John responded that cults usually hide such information from their followers because it undermines their infallability and teaching as being the only true religion or church.  He thanked John for the information and stated that he would definately look into it.

Another young man approached John asking him a question concerning Jesus’s Deity.  John affirmed his belief in the eternal nature of the Son of God and shared with him the scriptures in Hebrews chapter 1 where Jesus is described as being greater than the Angels and that the Angels were to bow before Him and worship Him.  he thanked John for sharing these things with him.

As Miguel preached a young man began to mock him and use extremely profane language.  John responded to his mockery.  He came over to John and was quite angry.  John could smell that he was under the influence of alcohol, however  he remained calm and, as a consequence, the man soon calmed down too.  He began to have a more lucid conversation with John and John responded to his objections.  Eventually the drink got the better of him and he left John cursing and shouting again.

As Miguel preached a small group set up a table nearby and they set out small piles of booklets and leaflets on Islam.  John and Miguel had seen these people before and recognised them as being followeras of the Islamic Cult set up by Pakistani lawyer Anjem Chowdrey.  This group hold to a Jihadist/Islamist doctrine and every group that Chowdrey has ever started has been banned by the British Government.  Their approach today is more subtle seeking to appear as being reasonable, peaceloving and inclusive.  Several of the young women with them went amongst the passersby handing out chocolates and leaflets wishing people a “Happy Eid”
For a report on Anjem Chowdrey see:

Some of the young women approached Miguel to debate with him about what he had been preaching about.  One of the young men at the table saw this and quickly signalled to the young girls not to engage in conversation with Miguel.  He eventually came over and got them to come away.  This is typical of most cults whose leaders do not want their followers to engage in conversation with anyone they perceive might be a threat to their control over their followers.  It is obvious that Chowdrey’s group is but a cult of Islam excercising mind control over its followers.  Evidence of this can be seen in the documentary film “My Brother the Islamist”:

We ask you to pray for allthose who have been touched in any way by John and Miguel’s ministery today either by the preaching, in conversation and/or through reading the leaflets handed out.

Thank you.


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