ON THE STREET Sat 20th Oct. 2012

Today John & Miguel took the Gospel out to the street.

As Miguel preached John handed out leaflets to the passersby.

Miguel was approached by a group of about 5 young Muslim teenagers.  They challenged him on his affirmation that only through Jesus Christ can we get to the Father.  At first they were joking and laughing but as Miguel engaged in conversation with them they became serious and began to ask more serious questions as to the Faith.  Even though they left unconvinced the seed  was sown into their hearts.

Three men were passing by and one of them began to hover around Miguel in a mocking way.  He moved a bit further along and appeared to be about to kick the football (Soccer ball) he was carrying at Miguel when an older lady, who had been listening to Miguel, challenged him.  He moved off with his friends.  The lady turned out to be a Christian and came over to John in order to speak with him.  They had quite a long conversation about Christ and the need for the Gospel to be preached, something that most Christians do not engage in.  Miguel also entered into conversation with her.  John and Miguel spoke about the many inroads that tghe Roman Church has been making into the Protestant/Evangelical Camp in the past 30 years, or so.  They spoke to her about the various ways this has happened through the Pentecostal/Charismatic movements, through Contemplative Worship and the Contemporary Christian Music scene as well as through initiatives such as the Global Day of prayer and National Day of Prayer.  She showed her disapproval of these things.

She identified herself as being part of the Jesus Army (a group that we, as well as many others, consider to be on the fringes of orthodoxy because of the many abuses and false doctrines taught by it’s leadership).  We explained to her our beliefs on the matter.  She took no offence and even admitted that there were things that she wasn’t happy about either!

Miguel was approached by a young Catholic father who was with his young child in a buggy (see photo).  Miguel spoke to him about the fact that salvation, as taught in the Bible, is by Grace through Faith without the need for Roman Sacraments.  It was difficult for this young man to get his head round these concepts as Sacramentalism is so engrained in the minds of Catholic people.

Later on Miguel was approached by a young man who sought clarification as to the truth.  He told Miguel that his mother was a Mormon and that his father was a Jehovah’s Witness.  Needless to say he was confused.  Miguel spent time with him gently going through the scriptures with him to show him what the Bible says.  He thanked Miguel for taking the time to share.


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