Preaching in Manchester 1st September, 2012


This week John, Amélia and Miguel were propagating the Good News of Jesus Christ in Manchester.


John preached the Good News that we have no need for priests, penances or sacraments in order to be reconciled to God. An elderly Muslim gentleman approached John and began to contradict what John had been preaching concerning Jesus Christ. John asked him how he can make an atonement for his sins and pay the redemptive price for his sins. He spoke of God, on the day of judgement, looking at his life and his good deeds outweighing his bad deeds. John pointed out that if he only sinned once a day that would total 365 sins per year multiplied by his age in years (he was obviously in his late sixties or early seventies) then he would have sinned at least 25,500 times!! Then the gravity of his sins far outweighed any good works he could offer up to God. He left with his grandson in tow.


As Miguel was preaching a lady came and challenged him because her daughter was singing some twenty or so meters away and he was “disrupting” her daughter’s performance. She claimed to be a Christian so Miguel asked her why she (and her daughter) didn’t use the time to share the Gospel with the people who were passing by rather than sing pop songs? She went off in a huff!


Amélia was approached by a woman who shared that she was a believer, as were her children, but that her husband wasn’t. Apparently she had been struggling with her faith as every church she had attended preached things that were contrary to the Bible. She was beginning to think that the problem was down to her. When she spoke with Amélia she became very encouraged in that we understood what she had been going through. Amélia gave her our contact details. We pray that we may be able to encourage her in her walk with the Lord in these days of Great Apostasy and deception in the churches.


It is our growing conviction that there will be more and more believers who are going to become, as this lady, unable to find fellowship with traditional churches because of the unbiblical doctrines and practices that have blighted the lives of believers for decades.


A young man approached Miguel. He had become incensed by what another preacher had said to him further down the street. He stated that he was a Catholic and that he believed in Jesus. The other preacher had challenged him concerning his religion and he was angry about it. Miguel asked him if he believed the Catechism. He stated that he hadn’t read it. Miguel asked him if he believed that the real presence of Jesus was in the Eucharist to which he said no. Miguel responded by saying that in view of this he could not claim to be a Catholic! At this he became even angrier.


Later on this same young man approached John and when he saw Miguel he became angry again. In fact he became so angry that he began to swear at Miguel and threatened to break his jaw. John commented that this was not a Christian attitude and that he should turn the other cheek. He walked off! We pray that he may be able to think rationally about everything and come to realise that only by placing his faith in Christ can he hope to have a relationship with God.


Man always likes to feel good about himself. He always feels that God should forgive him and love him and be happy with him. Man wants God to overlook his sin and feels that he deserves God’s forgiveness for the effort he puts into his “service to God”! This was the mistake that Cain made and when God rejected his offering over that of his brother Abel he became angry and slew his brother. This has been the attitude of the Roman Catholic Church, and in the same way the priesthood of the Catholic Church has for centuries tortured, raged and killed those who affirmed that salvation and forgiveness does not require our penances, our confession to priests but simply our faith in Jesus Christ!



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