Today Miguel and John were preaching the Good News in Manchester.Image

As Miguel was preaching concerning the sinfulness of mankind and how that Sacraments, such as the Eucharist, were useless for the Salvation of our souls three young teenage lads began to ask him concerning Homosexuality.  Miguel explained that he wasn’t preaching about Homosexuality but about the vain hope of Sacraments for forgiveness.  They pressed him more and more on the issue.  Miguel explained that Fornication and Adultery were sins in accordance with the Bible, regardless of a person being homosexual OR heterosexual.  All sins lead to death and he pointed out to them the scripture which lists the types of people who would be excluded from the Kingdom of God.  Two of them were obviously not interested and spent much of the time standing apart from their friend and Miguel sniggering and joking between themselves.

Things were relatively quiet today.  A group of young teenage girls stood in front of Miguel and one shouted, “I’m Gay”! (Although being female it would have been more correct to shout “I’m a Lesbian” as it is Men who are “Gay” not the women)!  Miguel responded by saying, “Who Cares? It doesn’t make you special.  You’re a sinner like everyone else!”

There were relatively few Christians preaching the Gospel in Manchester today which, considering the great influx of Lesbian and Gay people who were in town for the Gay Pride celebrations this weekend, shows how little concern most Christians have for the many lost souls that need to be offered the opportunity to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

True not all can preach but to not even offer passers-by a Gospel tract is unconscionable!  This is yet further indication of the Apostasy that is upon us in these last days! 


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