This Saturday John and Miguel went into Manchester to share the Gospel.

As soon as Miguel opened his Bible and began to preach two drunken individuals began to hover round him and mock.  A little later another drunk began to curse and spew out some vile words and foul language.  It seemed as if this particular day was going to be filled with much of the same.  Thankfully it turned out quite different.

A young man spent some time observing and listening to Miguel.  Eventually he began to voice his opposition to what was being preached.  John spoke with him.  The young man identified himself as a Christian.  He stated that what John and Miguel were doing was “all wrong” and that the way to reach people was to, first, befriend them and then, as one got to know them, share the Gospel with them.  John answered that we do not know if we have enough time to be able to engage with people, and who knows if that individual may be dead before the day is out.  He also stated that it was wrong for them to assume that everyone was lost and going to Hell.  John also shared the words of Jesus that the way to destruction was broad and many go down that way, but the way to Eternal Life was narrow and few find it.  He left angrily.

The above is an example of the influence of Post Modern thinking in the churches.  Another example happened when John was approached by two young girls, one of whom stated that she was attending a course in Biblical studies at the local Nazarene Bible College.  They both stated that in the Bible we are instructed about not preaching, but that our lives must be our witness.  John pointed out that we are instructed to Preach the Gospel to everyone.  They had some very interesting questions.  Firstly whether, or not, we were Church of England.  John answered that we believe in the separation of Church and State and, as the Church of England is a State Church, then no we were not C of E.  “Why, if God is love, how could he send people to Hell?”  John showed them that the Bible states that the wages of sin is death and we need God’s forgiveness.  They asked about Catholicism and John pointed out that the Bible teaches that Salvation is by Grace through Faith, whereas in Catholicism Salvation is by Grace through the Sacraments.

Afterwards John was approached by a Gentleman who was asking about Baptism.  Apparently his two nieces had been members of a church for many years but they had not been baptised.  He seemed concerned as to whether or not God would hear their prayers.  John pointed out that we are commanded in the scriptures to be baptised and also, that the disciples were also commanded TO baptise people.  John said that he could not comment as to whether, or not, his nieces were saved, as this was down to God, but that there was obviously a problem if they had not obeyed the command to be baptised.  However there was a bigger problem if the leadership of the church had allowed this to continue and had disobeyed God’s command to baptise them.  John suggested he speak with them and simply ask them why they hadn’t been baptised, and if they didn’t think they should?

On the way home John and Miguel met with another Brother in Christ who preaches on the street.  He had been wrongfully arrested some time ago for simply speaking with two young teenagers who had complained to the Police that he had made certain remarks to them.  He was seeking Miguel’s advice and both Miguel, and John, took time to share from their experience, especially in light of Miguel’s own experience of a similar nature.

That evening Miguel went down to London where he will be spending the next two weeks witnessing to the crowds during the Olympic Games.  At Euston Station Miguel entered into a conversation with a man who stated that he was an atheist.  Over coffee they were conversing when an irate Moslem, who had been listening in to them, started butting in and began cursing and using foul language.  The police had to be called to move him on.  Soon the man returned, seemingly apologetic, however he soon began to lose his temper and threatened Miguel.  Yet again the police were called who had to restrain the man.  By this time Miguel’s friend had arrived to pick Miguel up.

Please pray for Miguel as he is away, and also for his wife and children during the next two weeks.

Pray also for all those who have engaged with the team either via conversation, have listened to the preaching or have simply taken literature from them.

We cannot convert anyone, we cannot bring anyone to God, this is the work of the Holy Spirit and no man comes to the Father but by Jesus Christ!


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